Laundry room renovations can be a great way to improve the function and appearance of your home. By making some simple changes, you can turn your laundry room into a more efficient and stylish space.

MHR's Laundry Renovation Experience

Laundry renovations are becoming more popular to renovate and are usually underappreciated area. Our aim when renovating your laundry room is to make sure it is a space that is functional, practical, and maximises storage space. 

At MHR, you can rely on us to transform a boring and dull laundry into a space that is a stylish and functional space that you’ll actually enjoy spending time in. If you’re interested in laundry room renovation let us work together to create a sparkling new space.

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It depends on your needs, but generally our clients choose to renovate their laundry with the bathroom or kitchen together is we can complete the whole process in one finish. No one wants to walk into a sparking kitchen but a dull laundry room.


Rest assure that we organise all the tradesmen and project manage the process from concept to completion. 


One of the main benefits is that renovating your laundry room (alongside other rooms) can help you add value to your home. Also, a renovated laundry makes drying and folding clothes much easier.


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