There’s no better feeling than walking into a brand new bathroom that is custom-designed and built for your lifestyle. Our team has a wealth of experience renovating bathrooms across Melbourne that are completed on time and on budget.


MHR's Bathroom Renovation Experience

Every home requires a different approach when renovating a bathroom, from finding the right bathware to go with the design to making sure we are making the best out of the space. We want to work with you to bring your dream bathroom to life and make sure you are satisfied every step of the way.

Our unparalleled designs and workmanship have the experience to complete your bathroom renovation to your specifications. Partnering with the right renovation company is crucial to avoid any costly mistakes from happening in the future.


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Main benefits of renovating a bathroom is that it can increase the value of your property and more importantly offer a space that is designed around your needs and lifestyle. 


Any wet area in a property should have no room for error. From getting the layout wrong, messing up the waterproofing, poor ventilation, and more. Let us guide you throughout the entire process to avoid any costly mistakes.

There are many factors to consider with this and every bathroom is unique. Some of the main factors include demolition, groundwork, plumbing, water proofing, and more. This can take anywhere from weeks to months. Reach out to us for a more detailed timeline.

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